Abassi RTOS for ColdFire


    1. Fully scalable footprint (as low as 1175 bytes on ColdFire; full: <3825 bytes)
    2. Fast Execution (48 clock cycle context switch, 0.80μs on ColdFire @60MHz; 4.03μs task switch on semaphore posting)
    3. Unlimited Tasks, Queues, Events, Semaphores, Mutexes and Mailboxes
    4. Flexible licensing options
    5. Available source code
    6. Comprehensive documentation
    7. Responsive Technical Support

Unmatched Feature Set

In addition to the standard feature set supported by most real-time kernels, the Abassi RTOS can be configured with many features unmatched in the industry. These features add robustness and code savings, and include:

    1. Intelligent starvation protectionGuarantees fair access to CPU, via enhanced priority aging, even on heavily loaded systems.
    2. Priority inheritance, including dynamic trackingAutomatically adjusts for priority aging, timeouts, etc. and propagationBetween entangled mutex owners, to prevent deadlock.
    3. Adaptive priority ceiling
    4. Deadlock detectionReports recursive mutex dependencies anywhere in the execution chain.
    5. AsymmetricTimeslice adjustable at a per task level. Round Robin scheduling
    6. Hybrid interrupt stack

Demonstration Package here

Memory use and latency Requirements: here

Development Tool Choices

Abassi supports major ColdFire development tools, including IAR.