FW: Multicore


Free multicore SMP RTOS !

Download our fully functionnal SMP multicore RTOS µAbassi and mAbassi.

mAbassi is configured with almost all features enabled and isn't resource limited, but it is time limited. For the majority of applications mAbassi will run for weeks before starting to drop requests.

µAbassi Freeware is resource limited (number of tasks, semaphores and mutexes), without run-time expiration. It's even OK to use this version of µAbassi in commercial products. For the true bare-metal heads, an example is included to show how simple multicore bare-metal can be with µAbassi.

Click on the desired Toolchain "Download" to retrieve the package. Don't forget to get mAbassi User's Guide and µAbassi User's Guide.

A feature highlight comparison table between mAbassi and μAbassi is available here.

mAbassi Download Port Doc
Altera - Arria 5 DS-5 GCC    ARMCC
Altera - Cyclone V DS-5 GCC    ARMCC
NXP - i.MX6 Atollic GCC
Xilinx - Zynq XSDK GCC

µAbassi Download
Altera - Arria 10 DS-5
Altera - Arria 5 DS-5
Altera - Cyclone V DS-5
NXP - i.MX6 Atollic
Xilinx - Zynq XSDK
† Please review the readme.txt file in the uAbassi_SMP_CortexA9_DS5 directory for important details.

If you are interested in a more detailed evaluation of our software, including access to source code, please review the Evaluation License Agreement and returned a signed copy to info@code-time.com