MISRA™ Compliant TCP/IP Stack

MISRA™ Compliance

Many networking products exist for embedded systems. However, the key to developing a stable and successful software application is to use high-quality, verifiable software that ensures a stable, low-risk development environment. The Code Time Technologies TCP/IP stack was developed to the highest level of MISRA™ compliance and was validated using advanced verification tools, delivering new levels of performance, quality and reliability.

Key Features

TCP, IPv4, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DNS client, DHCP, HTTP server, FTP server, TFTP server, SMTP and PPP.

All software supplied as source code with full MISRA-C:2004 compliance documentation.


Full MISRA-C:2004 compliant source code, no dynamic memory allocation, standard BSD socket interface, true zero copy, compact footprint, high speed data transfer, and low CPU overhead.

Small Footprint, Low CPU, High Throughput

Innovative design has resulted in an extremely high-speed data transfer rate (with packet processing rates up to four times faster than comparable embedded stacks), and minimal system resource requirements. A typical application will have a code size around 14K; RAM requirements vary widely depending on application needs, but can be as low as 12K. A minimum UDP configuration uses less than 5K of ROM and a few hundred bytes of RAM.