Peripheral Drivers and Middleware

Code Time Technologies offers a wide variety of peripheral drivers and protocol stacks. The drivers are designed for high reliability and offer multiple choice for the data transfers (polling, ISR, DMA). All drivers are multi-thread and multi-code safe.

    1. DMA
    2. Ethernet (including TCP/IP, DHCP, Webserver, and ICMP)
    3. GPIO
    4. I2C
    5. QSPI (over 75 flash devices supported)
    6. SD/MMC
    7. SPI
    8. UART

Available for the Altera Arria 10 SoC, Arria 5 SoC and Cyclone V SoC, and Xilinx Zynq.

Bare Metal

For users that are not yet ready to take advantage of a RTOS in their design, a "system abstaction layer" is provided to use the drivers in a non-RTOS application.

Request Access To Drivers

Code Time Technologies provides these drivers under the standard BSD 2-clause license so that you can incorporate them in both commercial and personal projects.

If you require technical support, Code Time Technologies offers a variety of paid support options. Contact us for more details.

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