mAbassi SMP RTOS for Xilinx SoC

32 bit Multicore in than 6 kilobytes (details).
64 bit Multicore in than 10 kilobytes (details).

In addition to the standard features supported by all RTOS, the Abassi family has many features unmatched in the industry:

    1. Intelligent starvation protectionGuarantees fair access to CPU, via enhanced priority aging, even on heavily loaded systems.
    2. Priority inheritance, including dynamic trackingAutomatically adjusts for priority aging, timeouts, etc. and propagationBetween entangled mutex owners, to prevent deadlock.
    3. Adaptive priority ceilingTarget priority is self determined.
    4. Deadlock detectionReports recursive mutex dependencies anywhere in the execution chain.
    5. AsymmetricTimeslice adjustable at a per task level. Round Robin scheduling
    6. and more...

Get Up And Running For Free

Download the freeware version of our multicore RTOS. Everything you need to get your multicore environment up and running and ready for real work.

Download a bootable SD/MMC image of our full featured demo for the:

    1. ZedBoard / Zynq SoC development board
    2. ZCU102 / UltraScale+ development board

This demonstration package takes full advantage of our Board Support Package for the Xilinx SoC, including:

    1. DMA
    2. Ethernet (including TCP/IP, DHCP, Webserver, and ICMP)
    3. GPIO
    4. I2C
    5. QSPI
    6. SD/MMC
    7. SPI
    8. UART

Development Tool Choices

Abassi supports major ARM development tools, including ARM Design Studio 5, Xilinx's SDK